Fixing systems
Крепежные системы HALFEN: превосходная альтернатива сверлению и сварке.

Широкий ассортимент изделий, которые могут быть применены для разрешения практически любой проблемы связанной с креплениями. Нагрузки, действующие в любом направлении, безопасно переносятся на бетон.

DEMU Fixing anchors

DEMU Fixing anchors from HALFEN are intended to be used for a safe and permanent anchorage of fixtures in concrete. Different anchor dimensions (max. thread size M42) and materials for corrosion protection (electroplated, hot-dipped galvanised and stainless steel) ensure a sophisticated product range.
T-FIXX installation
DEMU Fixing anchors T-FIXX® and Bolt anchor types 1988 and 1985 (with nailing plate) with European Technical Approval.
Examples for typical application:
  • Fixing of props and connecting devices on precast elements
  • Fixing of railings for balconies and bridges
  • Fixing of utility equipment, power lines
  • Fixing of steel ladders, stairs and profiles
  • Fixing of safety devices